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15 December

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for some reason

I am staying at home cause I had wisdom teeth extraction and he is staying at home because he had to study for his exams.

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first post in 2014

I'm going to be more diligent in posting photos and bloggin on my blog.

I'm now in the situation of a mid life crisis. What's mid life crisis? To me, it is never really a crisis, but a chapter of life in the mid 20s, where everyone turns into adult (non arguably), facing more pressure from the bosses as you advance further in your career, more responsibilty where you bring back pennies to the house, paying your own bills etc.. 

1. Turning into adult

What's not good about being adult? With higher purchasing power, freedom, you can basically do anything you want as long as you can afford it, or have the time to do so.. Everything is wihin reach. But all these come with the expense of the time element. You cant possibly take a month leave to go for a holiday (I mean you can do it if your bosses allow, but not all companies are so generous). Nonetheless, we are still young without any committment (being a young adult still has its advantage), we should readily be prepared to do what we like before we get tied down with family matters and more responsibility. We have the privilege of leaving our job, saving on meals, travelling wildly, we cant afford to do that if we have a family right?

This year, I choose to list down some resolution before I get tied down with other committments/responsibilities, such as saving up for the rainy days (not spending all my monies on clothes, bags etc), investing my monies, travelling, eating healthy (slimming down my tummy so that I can wear bikini, if I dont set myself to do it, when will I ever wear?), etc. Why such a long list? As time goes by, I felt that there is lesser and lesser room for error so the spontaneous and excitment when you plan a weekend getaway and scoot off in that week is a no longer valid for me. I have well passed that age as I have not much time to play wildly. And I blamed myself for all the procrastinating where I held back most of the plannings and only looked at the face value of what the short term happiness can bring to me such as spending all my hard-earned part time money on clothes/bags, lazing around at home and not upgrading myself necessarily etc in the past. Now, I realised that all things have to be done moderately and not excessively. You cant study all day long and not take a break and play? You cant also play all day long too. Learning can still be fun like watching documentary, reading travel blogs where you learned about the countries' culture/ geography.. I guess I still have alot to catch up on what I have been missing out.

1. Saving Up 
2. Investment
3. Travelling
4. Eating Healthy & Exercise

Wil blog about how I keep up to my resoluton soon! :D

2. Work

Is it me who thinks that the new generation are more materialistic who looks to find high paying job and lesser workload? But who dont? But with higher pay, comes with greater responsibility. I'm not willing to take on higher responsibilty now since I'm not ready for it. No, I will not be contented on where I am now. But I will work and learn as much as i can whle I am young. As my boss always say "Work hard while you are young and you will be able to reap the benefits in the future." But trust me, luck do play a factor too!

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are you moving on?

Need a break. I'm too tired of working.

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Onsugar blocked all my recent post and did not retrieve them back for me :(

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updated my selling post :D

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thinking of updating my gardenposies stuff on qoo10... okay shall do it soon!

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